Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration


The very first step in a fire damage restoration is the assessment. This means the evaluation of the property and discovering og the extent to which the fire, soot and heat has damaged building and its materials. The restoration of the building and reduction of further damage should b the very first concern after any fire damage.

Smoke damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration companies have state-of-the-art equipments that help to mitigate fire damage and also help in restoration of the property. The dry ice machines are used to remove the soot from wood. The thermal foggers help in restoring the air quality of the home/building. These companies have trained and experienced technicians that know how to handle all the equipment. They also have knowledge about how to clean up the building properly. They easily restore the damage that is caused by soot, ash, heat, fire and smoke. They know how to extract the water that was used in extinguishing the fire. This water if not dried properly can cause water damage and mold growth.

Content restoration

These technicians know how to restore the salvageable items after fire damage. The items that are burnt or charred are not salvageable but other items like furniture office equipments and documents can be saved by los angeles fire restoration.

Removal of odor

These technicians can easily identify the source of odor and then they are trained enough to remove the odor and cleanse the area properly. Thermal fogger is used for the removal of inconvenient smells after fire damage. The fog has a pleasant odor that helps to neutralize the unwanted odors.

Board Ups

Fire damage depends upon different factors and it varies according to the extent of fire. But in every fire damage there are damaged windows and doors that are shattered. In this case board up is necessary so that your home/building can be saved from thefts, vandalism or bad weather conditions.

After fire damage the following steps must be taken in order to run the fire damage restoration process smoothly.

  • Windows must be opened for circulation of air
  • Any damaged and unsafe areas must not be touched
  • All opened food containers must be thrown into garbage because there is a danger of contamination. Prepare a list of damaged items for your insurance claim
  • Electrocution might be caused by the shorts in the wiring so do not use any electronic devices after the fire damage.
  • Always use Personal Protection masks when entering into the affected area so that you ca save yourself from inhaling any type of toxic or unclean smoke.



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