Mold growth: easy steps to grow mold

Mold growth: easy steps to grow mold

Multi cellular fungi are commonly known as mold. There are several uses of molds especially in manufacturing of cheese and soy sauce; it is also used in some anti biotic (penicillin). Molds are very common fungi and its spores are present all the time in the atmosphere.  In most g the of the cases, mold growth is responsible for spoiling the food and causing allergies in humans. Usually mold growth has adverse effects on the human health.

Here we would discuss about some easy steps that can help you to learn about the method og mold growth.

Step no: 1

Ideal conditions

Mold can thrive anywhere but the best living conditions for mold growth are damp, dark and moist places. It usually grows on organic materials like wood, Fabric, foods and plants in homes. Mold growth can easily be encountered in the damp basements and dry walls.

Step no: 2

Mold growth on bread

Now you need a piece of bread on which you can grow the mold. This is because starches are best for the mold growth. Any type of bread can be used for this purpose because every bread contain starch.

Step no: 3

Moistening the Bread

Now with the help of a spray bottle, moisten the piece of bread barely. Do not soak it in the water. Spray bottle is best option to moisten the bread.

Step no: 4

Putting Moist Piece in Plastic Zipper Bag

Now you would have to put that moistened piece in a plastic zipper bag that must be sealed. Moisture is held in by this sealed bag. Moisture helps in the mold growth.

Step no: 5

Dark and Warm location

Dark and warm environment is best for the mold growth so place this bag in a cupboard. Warm temperature is the best condition for growing mold.

Step no: 6

Mold growth

Now check this bread daily and if you find no mold growth then moisten the bread again and pack it in the sealed bag. After a week you could see the mold on the bread slice. The color of mold can be green, black, white, blue etc.

Step no: 7

Mold details

Now just see and observe the mold type that has grown on the bread. If the mold has grown quickly on the bread then it may be Rhizopus stolonifer or black bread mold. This type of mold thrives on bread and soft fruits. It is not a serious threat for healthy persons but if the immune system is weak the exposure to this type may cause serious problems So hire professionals as los angeles mold removal.




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