Toxic Mold Syndrome: Mold Allergies and Mold Poisoning

Toxic Mold Syndrome: Mold Allergies and Mold Poisoning

Molds are generally allergenic but some molds are toxic too. Black mold (stachybotrys charatrum) is the example of toxic mold. According to a new study Toxic mold syndrome is caused by the mold allergies rather than by mold poisoning. But all types of mold illnesses cannot be explained under the allergenic reactions. Researchers and allergists from the well known medical colleges and universities all around the world have studied and found that some people who were supposed to have toxic mold syndrome but after some experimentation it was found that those people were actually allergic to mold. According to these allergists the people think that they are experiencing toxic mold syndrome but in actual this is not the situation. These patients are only allergic to some antigens in environment. Still there are some types of patients that can be categorized under the allergenic reactions. A significant percentage of patients have such symptoms that cannot be explained by the allergies. These illnesses and symptoms need more investigation and research.

Controversy of toxic mold syndrome and allergenic mold

The symptoms of the mold allergy are running nose, cough, sneezing, irritating eyes or other respiratory issues like shortness of breath, wheezing or chest and nasal congestion. It can also cause the memory and nervous system problems like weakness, anxiety, memory loss, dizziness or restless legs. Intestinal problems are also symptoms of the mold allergies. These problems include nausea, vomiting or gut pain. Other problems associated with allergenic old are bleeding nose and urinary problems. Patients of all ages (1.5-52) experience all these symptoms. The damp and moist buildings or houses can seriously affect the inhabitants living in those buildings. The controversy is about the cause of illnesses. According to the mold experts like los angeles mold removal, there is no such measure through which mold toxins can be measured. So it is ambiguous to say that illnesses are cause by the toxic mold. This issue needs more research rather than criticism. More and more data must be collected and then further research should be done in order to resolve the controversy. However the patients and the doctors must keep their eyes and minds open about the hazardous effects of molds on the human health. This is because mold is allergenic or toxic, it seriously affects the human health in one way or the other and toxic mold can also cause fatal illnesses.


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